Open Performance portablE SeismiC Imaging (OPESCI) is a framework for subsurface imaging. Its development focus on exploiting modern trends in computer science and numerical analysis to achieve performance portability across modern many-core computer architectures while maintaining a high level abstraction that allows rapid research, development and deployment.

Research themes

  • Stencil languages, domain specific languages (DSLs) for finite difference.
  • DSLs for finite element methods and spectral element methods.
  • Code generation, autotuning and compiler research.
  • Automatic differentiation.
  • Parallel algorithms.
  • Multi-layered abstractions and performance portability.


To know more about OPESCI components and browse their documentation, please follow these links:

  • Devito - Fast Finite Difference Computation


Feel free to get involved via GitHub or by emailing us directly for further details.