Source code for devito.types.constant

import numpy as np

from devito.exceptions import InvalidArgument
from devito.logger import warning
from devito.types.args import ArgProvider
from devito.types.basic import AbstractCachedSymbol

__all__ = ['Constant']

[docs]class Constant(AbstractCachedSymbol, ArgProvider): """ Symbol representing a constant, scalar value in symbolic equations. A Constant carries a scalar value. Parameters ---------- name : str Name of the symbol. dtype : data-type, optional Any object that can be interpreted as a numpy data type. Defaults to ``np.float32``. Examples -------- >>> from devito import Constant >>> c = Constant(name='c') >>> c c >>> 0.0 >>> = 4 >>> 4.0 Notes ----- The parameters must always be given as keyword arguments, since SymPy uses ``*args`` to (re-)create the dimension arguments of the symbolic object. """ is_Input = True is_Constant = True is_Scalar = True def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): if not self._cached(): self._value = kwargs.get('value', 0) @classmethod def __dtype_setup__(cls, **kwargs): return kwargs.get('dtype', np.float32) @property def is_const(self): return True @property def data(self): """The value of the data object, as a scalar (int, float, ...).""" return self.dtype(self._value) @data.setter def data(self, val): self._value = val @property def _arg_names(self): """Tuple of argument names introduced by this symbol.""" return (,) def _arg_defaults(self, alias=None): """A map of default argument values defined by this symbol.""" key = alias or self return {} def _arg_values(self, **kwargs): """ Produce a map of argument values after evaluating user input. If no user input is provided, return a default value. Parameters ---------- **kwargs Dictionary of user-provided argument overrides. """ if in kwargs: new = kwargs.pop( if isinstance(new, Constant): return new._arg_defaults(alias=self) else: return { new} else: return self._arg_defaults() def _arg_check(self, args, intervals): """ Check that ``args`` contains legal runtime values bound to ``self``. """ if not in args: raise InvalidArgument("No runtime value for %s" % key = args[] try: # Might be a plain number, w/o a dtype field if key.dtype != self.dtype: warning("Data type %s of runtime value `%s` does not match the " "Constant data type %s" % (key.dtype,, self.dtype)) except AttributeError: pass _pickle_kwargs = AbstractCachedSymbol._pickle_kwargs + ['_value']